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A classical pianist, operatic vocalist, and circuit board temptress, Niabi is a siren of pop-transcendental bliss. Her voice is a dream of halcyon summer, a hand gliding through hemlock grown over a forgotten city. She is both the electric spark and the devastating fire.

Born in rural Virginia, Niabi is a daughter of the East Coast electronic scene. It was during a wide-eyed, musical awaking in the mid-nineties when she first encountered acts such as Aphex Twin, Global Communication, and the Orb at IDM/ambient parties along the Eastern Seaboard.

Niabi eventually migrated to New York City where she cultivated an experimental sound from her dreamy, rural origins combined with the big city’s pulse wave. She went on to forge collaborations with acts such as Phenotract, Project Skyward, and Autumn Thieves.


Today, Niabi is poised to heat up Gotham’s electronica circuit with her first solo, self-titled EP in the winter of 2010. Inspired by dreampop acts such as School of Seven Bells, M83, and ambient musician Brian Eno. Niabi’s inaugural release is composed of digital, out-of-body experiences.

She guides her voice over supercharged melodies that pay homage to the city’s elegant ghosts and the machines they haunt. Her memories are rendered into vibrations. She summons them to form a glowing game grid, track after track, with delicate mastery.

Her EP is produced by pioneering electronic artist Mark Van Hoen, who has seen and done a lot within the realm of music in the past 15 years. He started off in such groundbreaking acts such as Seefeel and Scala and went on to his own pivotal solo releases as Locust and under his own moniker, where he toured with huge acts such as Massive Attack and Orbital. As a producer Mark has worked with Mojave 3 and Sing-Sing, which show his versatility and skill both in front of and behind the mixing board.
Niabi is a spiritual dismantling of the hardwired, urban vista. Every track will unplug another part of the city and cast it into the sea. Harmonies discharged by organic melodies will render rush hour in twilight pastoral cadences: the lights of skyscrapers will turn into starry mountains; the streets into moonlit streams.

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